Functional Protection Cover

Spatter Resistance

Robot Cover

  • RoHS

Robot Cover SRRC

  • Superb spatter resistance
  • Respond to custom design widly
  • Various materials are available
  • RoHS

Robot Cover SRRC HC10DTP(DDP)

  • Exclusive design for MOTOMAN-HC10DTP (Dust- and Drip-proof Specification)
  • Superb spatter resistance
  • Follow the robotic movement

Heat Reflection

Connector Cover

  • RoHS

Connector Cover HSCC

  • Protect from heat
  • Superb heat shields
  • Fit to your design

Heat Insulation

Exhaust Pipe Cover

  • RoHS

Exhaust Pipe Cover HSMC

  • Insulation from high temperature
  • Retain heat at high temperature
  • Fit to your design