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Snap Type

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Everything from non-standard shielding material, to mix-and match combinations, we can customize to fi t your needs.

Shield Tubing Type Comparison Chart

Types and Closing Methods   Sheet Shielding Material FR Grade Notes
Item Name PVC free Heat Resistant Voltage Proof Flexible RRSMCT Aluminum Mesh Conductive Fabric
Zipper Type Z Track SHNJ         10-505K       Aluminum Foil 70μm
SHNF(AR)         10-589K       Aluminum Foil 20μm
SHNF                 Aluminum Foil 10μm
SHNJX(2)         10-505K     Dual Layer Mesh
SHNJX(4)         10-505K     Four Layer Mesh
SHX(2)         10-503K     UL224 VW-1 Dual Layer Mesh
SHX(4)         10-503K     UL224 VW-1 Four Layer Mesh
ZTZX(2)             Dual Layer Mesh
ZTZX(4)             Four Layer Mesh
R Track RTF-500                 Flat Cable Cover
Snap Type OTF                  
Hook and Loop Fastener MTF                 Aluminum Foil 10μm
MTF(ARK)         10-589K       Aluminum Foil 20μm
MTFX               Aluminum Foil 10μm
MTFS             Aluminum Foil 10μm
MTX(B)         10-503K        
MTS(B)         10-503K        
Adhesive Tape DK-800                 Flat Cable Cover
ZSK     Shielding UL1441 VW-1(HF only) Aramid fi bers+tin-plated copper foil
Heat Shrink SS Tube                

Product Dimensions Chart

Diameter Product Width Effective Width
10 71 41
15 91 61
20 105 75
25 115 85
30 130 100
40 160 130
50 190 160
70 255 225
100 348 318

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