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Noise Seal

From custom cutting and end processing to custom wire materials, we can perform various customizations to meet your needs.

  • ▼ Noise-blocking, braided ultra-fi ne Monel wire mesh membrane gasket
  • ▼ Ensures enclosure contact stability

ROHSStanderd 46M (Square)/ 47M (Round)/ 48M (Tadpole)

標準:46M(角)/ 47M(丸)/ 48M(オタマジャクシ)

Product Features
M Type

  • Braided ultra-fi ne (0.12mm thick) Monel metallic wire mesh that provides superb shielding, corrosionresistance, and elasticity.

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ROHSSilicone Core 43SM (Round) / 54SM(Round) / 56M (Tadpole)
ROHSNeoprene Core 58FM (Tadpole) / 59FM (Round) / 61FM (Round)

シリコーン芯材:43SM(丸)/ 54SM(丸)/ 56M(オタマジャクシ) ネオプレン芯材:58FM(オタマジャクシ)/ 59FM(丸)/ 61FM(丸)

Product Features
SM Type

  • Silicone Rubber tube sheathed in braided ultra-fi ne (0.12mm thick) metallic wire mesh that provides, shielding, corrosion-resistance, elasticity.

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Product Features
FM Type

  • Variations such as 58FM; 48M combined with neoprene sponge, and 59FM; neoprene sponge with ultra-fi ne metallic wire mesh sheathing, can also be had.

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ROHSCompound Type : WM


Product Features
WM Ttpe

  • M Type Noise Seal (Square)and Silicone rubber strands are integrally molded to provide water-tight noise protection, eliminating the need for complex doublestructure enclosures. Off ers superb shielding, watersealing, heat-resistance, corrosion-resistance, and elasticity.

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Product Overview

(a)Sheathing : Monel wire (0.12mm) (b)Core

Shape: Square/
Core : Coreless
Part No. W H
46M 23-23 2.3 2.3
46M 32-15 3.2 1.5
46M 32-23 3.2 2.3
46M 32-39 3.2 3.9
46M 47-15 4.7 1.5
46M 47-23 4.7 2.3
Shape: Round/
Core : Coreless
Part No. D
47M 15 1.8
47M 23 2.3
47M 27 2.7
47M 32 3.5
47M 39 3.9
47M 47 4.7
47M 63 6.3
47M 92 9.2
Shape: Tadpole/
Core : Coreless
Part No. H W
48M 15-158 1.5 16.0
48M 32-126 3.4 12.8

Shape: Round/
Core : Silicone Tube
Part No. D
43SM15 1.5
43SM24 2.4
43SM30 3.0
43SM32 3.2
43AM35 3.5
43SM39 3.9
43SM47 4.7
Shape: Round/
Core : Silicone Sponge
Part No. D
54SM30SP 2.9
Shape: Tadpole/
Core : Silicone Tube
Part No. D W
56SM32-126 3.2 12.6
56SM47-126 4.7

Shape: Tadpole/
Core : Neoprene Sponge
Part No. D W
58FM3-12 3.2 15.2
Shape: Square/
Core : Neoprene Sponge
Part No. W H
59FM60-60 6.0 6.0
59FM60-120 12.0 6.0
59FM60-150 16.0 6.0
59FM125-200 20.0 12.5
Shape: Round/
Core : Neoprene Sponge
Part No. D
61FM35 3.5
61FM49 4.9

Shape: Square/Core :Silicone Rubber
Part No. H W W1 W2
WM31-23 3.1 2.3 1.15 1.15
WM43-40A 4.3 4 1.7 2.3

*The standard length for Noise Seal is 100 meters, this length can be extended upon request. (Standard lengths for 47M63 and 47M92 are 50meters.)

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