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In the field of electromagnetic compatibility, a screen is something used to protect and shield a particular area from electrostatic fields, static magnetic fields, and electromagnetic fields.

SG (Signal Ground)

Signal ground or (SG) refers to the DC 0V return path in low-voltage electronics.

Shielding Effectiveness

Shielding effectiveness (SE) is a parameter used for shielding evaluation, which is defined as the ratio between the field strength, at a given distance from the source, without the shield interposed and the field strength with the shield interposed. Though the shielding effectiveness of metallic plates is not infinite, they can approach very large values. The effectiveness of a shield is the sum total of two effects, reflection losses and absorption losses, plus a correction factor to account for reflections from the back surfaces of the shield.

Simple Anechoic Chamber

An anechoic chamber is needed in order to test immunity to electromagnetic field radiation, and measure radiated emissions. A method to convert an existing room into a low-cost, simple anechoic chamber by lining the walls, floor an ceiling with absorbing material such as ferrite tiles to reduce the reflection of electromagnetic waves was invented. This "quiet zone", with its electromagnetic field constant, can be used to test immunity and measure free space emissions.

Test Site

A location which satisfies conditions to measure electromagnetic fields emitted from an EUT under specified conditions.

UL Standards

Underwriters Laboratories® is an American independent product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing standards for safety for products and equipment such as waterproofing, alarms and theft deterrent systems, chemicals, electrical components and electronic equipment. There are places in the United States where it is forbidden to sell such products that do not bear the UL seal. There are many products that bear the UL seal because whether or not a product bears the UL seal can often times determine whether or not a product will be insured.

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