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Radiated Electromagnetic Field Immunity Test Method

Bombarding an EUT with modulated electromagnetic radiation in an anechoic chamber is a commonly used standard test method for radiated fields above 80 MHz, while the induced RF (EMI introduced via wiring) test method is used below 80 MHz, because the wavelength of the radiated field as compared to the mechanical dimensions of the EUT may be much longer, making the EUT less susceptible to internal interference and more likely to have interference transmitted into it through its connected wires.

Radiated Emission

Desired or undesired electromagnetic energy that is propagated into or across space, either as a transverse electromagnetic wave (Radiative) or by capacitive or inductive coupling (Conductive). This propagation can either intentional or accidental. Radio law considers this to be radiation.

RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)

RFI is considered as part of the EMI spectrum, with interference signals being within the radio frequency (RF) range. This term was once used interchangeably with EMI before it was found RFI could not only disrupt signals within the radio frequency (RF) range, but all types of signals See EMI.

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