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The connection or bonding of an equipment case, chassis, bus, or frame to a conductive object or structure to ensure a common potential. In home electrical systems, Earthing is key to ensuring proper operation of protection relays and surge arresters. The term ground and grounding are used in US electrical engineering to represent electrical equipment that is securely bonded to the ground (i.e. that on which we stand) for safety reasons. In the UK the equivalent terms are earth and earthing.


a high polymer compound with the property of viscoelasticity.

EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)

The capability of equipment or systems to be used in their intended environment within designed efficiency levels without causing or receiving degradation due to unintentional EMI.

EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference)

Any electromagnetic disturbance, phenomenon, signal, or emission that causes, or is capable of causing, undesired responses or degradation of performance in electrical or electronic systems and equipment. EMI is a more generalized term for RFI.

ESD (Electro Static Discharge)

A violent transfer of electric charge between bodies of different electrostatic potential in proximity or through direct contact. It is called electro static discharge since it is accompanied by an arc discharge. The impulsive electromagnetic waves generated by ESD, or "static electricity" as it is more commonly known, can greatly affect electronic equipment.

Electromagnetic Disturbance

An electromagnetic phenomenon, that causes, or is capable of causing, undesired responses or degradation of performance in electrical or electronic systems and equipment, i.e. electromagnetic noise, unwanted signals, and change in propagation medium.

Electromagnetic Noise

A phenomenon in which unwanted in-band signals which obviously carry no information temporally change is generally called noise. Noise, in this sense doesn't necessarily relate to hearing.

Electromagnetic Wave

An oscillating wave of electromagnetic radiation (energy) comprising electric and magnetic field components.

Electromagnetic Wave Absorber

A material or structure with a very low reflection coefficient, which dissipates a portion of incident electromagnetic energy into internal heat, i.e. the ferrite tiles or pyramid-shaped resistive elements used in anechoic chambers.

EMC Directive

Legislative acts of the European Union which require member states to conform to certain uniform standards related to health, safety, and the environment.The EMC Directive, 89/336/EEC, came into force in 1992 and has been mandatory for CE marking of electronic /electrical products since January 1, 1996. It lays out essential requirements relating to emission and immunity of those without specifying technical parameters in detail.


Electromagnetic energy propagated from a source due to radiation or transmission.

FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

A United States government agency that supervises, licenses and controls electronic and electromagnetic transmission standards. FCC rules are located in Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The FCC, under rule part 15 and 18 states that electronic devices including computers, manufacturing, scientific and medical equipment need to either be verified to not cause harmful emissions or need to be certified to not cause harmful emissions. A declaration of conformity from manufacturers stating that the emissions limits are within the FCC rules can greatly simplify the verification and/or certification process. The URL of the FCC website is http://www.fcc.gov/ .

Ferrite Beads

Powdered magnetic material called Ferrites in the form of beads, rods and blocks used to absorb and attenuate conducted interference on wires, cables and harnesses.

Finger Gasket

A U-shaped electrical gasket that is essentially a beryllium copper spring with "finger-like" perforations used as EMI shielding material to bond metal panel members on doors, sills, or covers.

Frame Ground

Chassis ground of equipment for safety. Abbreviated FG, as opposed to SG for Signal Ground.

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