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Here we answer your Frequently Asked Questions, so that you might better understand what it is we do.

Cable / Harness Shielding


I want to provide shielding for wires that twist and turn and flexible harnesses that (printer and copy machine cables etc.) Do you have something that will flex and bend with the wires?

Braided Shield Tube sleeves are made of stretchy, flexible core material wrapped in tin-plated copper foil. They are perfect for shielding twisty wires and flexible wire harnesses.

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At the time of EMI valuation, I used foil tape to wrap the harnesses inside of equipment I work with. But that turned into a barely useable gnarled mess. I wouldn't want to use it for big jobs. Can you recommend a more flexible, versatile, and easier to use tape?

Conductive Fabric Tape offers flexibility that can't be found with foil tape. It conforms to the shape of what you apply it to so as not to result in a "point contact" situation that is often the case with metallic materials. The large contact area helps keep resistance low, and makes it useful for so much more, like enclosure shielding.

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I have the wires coming from my control panel shielded, but I think there may be interference leaking into the area where the wires connect to the control panel. Is there a way to shield the control panel as well as the wire terminals at the same time?

Shield Cover is a one-piece solution for shielding wiring leading into control panel boxes. Select your own shield material that best meets your performance and cost needs. We can custom make pieces that fit your size and shape specifications.

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